Afghan Skiers


Alishah Farhang
24-year-old university student and Afghan skier who dreams to participate winter Olympic 2018   raise Afghan Flag, he Already have been participated professional Training in St Moritz Switzerland 2015




Sajjad Husaini
21-Year-old University student and Afghan Skier. He spent all his childhood as refuge e in neighboring Country Iran it was his dream to ski one day but he did not know if it would come true, he become one of Afghan National skiers he has compete a few ski Race in Afghanistan and Switzerland , he is one of the afghan skier will compete on Winter Olympic 2018 in south Korea ,


Rahimullah Attai
20 –year-old University student and Afghan Skier , who has never heard of skiing before , he started skiing in 2012 , he has competed a few ski Race in Bamyan his hometown , and he has been attended the pre –season ski Training and Ski Race in South Korea 2014,




Mahdi Ibrahimi
24-year-old Electronic Engineer and Afghan Skier, He has competed a few ski Race Afghan ski Challenge  in Bamyan , He dreams to find himself among world ski champions and raise Afghanistan Flag,