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Guidebook on Ski Touring

Backcountry skiing, like all travel in the high mountains, involves certain risks, so safety and minimizing risk is a very important concern. No publication can alert you to every hazard or anticipate the limitations of the individual skier.
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Afghan Skiers

Sajjad Husaini
21-Year-old University student and Afghan Skier. He spent all his childhood as refuge e in neighboring Country Iran it was his dream to ski one day but he did not know if it would come true
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Ski Competitions

The Afghan Ski Challenge is a backcountry ski race, which takes place since 2011 every March in Bamyan Province, Central Afghanistan. The event is organized by the Bamyan Ski Club and open to all. Bamyan is the other, unknown Afghanistan
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Mitch Allan Snowboards Afghanistan

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Afghan Ski Challenge Promotes Tourism to War-Weary Hindu Kush

Strangely for the start of a race, there was no gun. Of course, that the race was being started in Afghanistan made this fact even stranger. Instead, after a confusing series of translations on the layout of the course and much pointing and shouting, the founder of the Afghan Ski Challenge, Christoph Zurcher, simply yelled,

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